Sit Down and Move!

ANYONE CAN DANCE invites you--no matter your age or physical ability, to consider dance as a beneficial and delicious way to recapture your sense of self and have a lot more fun than you have in a long time.

Patterned on the template of Dance for PD®, developed in collaboration between the Mark Morris Dance Group and the Brooklyn Parkinson's Group, ANYONE CAN DANCE is a program for those who never danced before or who don't care if they're doing pirouettes, the Shim Sham or a Bob Fosse jazz routine. These classes begin in a chair, move to a support (a barre or chair back) and then proceed across the floor - with the most varied and eclectic music Judith can offer!

Dance Makes You Feel Better Than Young

Video by A. Izliaev

It's official: Anyone can dance--although many people just aren't confident that they can! For the longest time, dance was considered the province of the young and the fit. If you didn't look a certain way and if you couldn't jump, run, twirl, and roll, you weren't a dancer.

The people in the video above are unconventional dancers. After one ANYONE CAN DANCE® class, they were moving, laughing and feeling free in their bodies. I designed this program based on the format of the ground-breaking Dance for PD® , which has revolutionized movement for Parkinson's patients. My dancers are generally over 65 and may have physical restrictions--using a wheelchair or walker.

The evidence from research shows that dance enhances a person mentally, physically, and spiritually. Those who have taken class over a period of months say that they have noticed improvement in flexibility, coordination, attitude and body image, and that the class "loosens me up." Whether you have never danced before, or are returning to it after decades away, you may find the music and choreography inspiring!